Facesculptures Luxury Makeup Brushes

Facesculptures Luxury Makeup Brushes

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₹4,500.00Sale Price

1. A Complete Professional Makeup Brush Set: We wanted to ensure you got the most use out of your makeup brush set so each and every brush has been carefully selected to ensure you get a wide range of brushes with a multitude of uses! Each makeup brush caters to a different need no matter what look you are trying to achieve. Painting with FACESCULPTURES brushes is a pleasure. Release your inner makeup artist.

2. Durable Sleek Wooden Handles: High quality Burgundy red wood handle with aluminum alloy ferrule ensured this brush set a long life span. These chic makeup brushes have a smooth contour design that is easy to hold for fine details, and each handle is clearly labeled match the instruction so you know exactly which brush to use for foundation, highlighting, or contouring.

3. High Quality Bristle: Composed of 31 brushes made of natural goat hair and high quality Synthetic bristle. Premium bristles ensure no fall out, give you superb soft silky feel on the skin, expertly hold powders makes it easier than ever to have professional makeup..
4.Exquisite Case: Comes with a FACESCULPTURES customized box and provides extra protection for easy daily storage. A great gift for Make-up lover.

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